What to Expect at our Worship Services

8:30am Worship Service in the FLC is filled with music and teaching from God's Word. You may recognize new songs from Christian radio, as well as familiar hymns. We have a live band to help lead in our time of worship through music.

11am Worship Service in the Sanctuary is filled with music and teaching from God's Word. This is a traditional style worship service with familiar hymns led by our choir and piano.

Our teaching time is directly from God's Word and has practical application to your everyday life. The main text each week is displayed on the screen and scripture outlines are provided right on your smart phone, iPod, or iPad through YouVersion to make it easier to follow along.

Our worship services also includes the Lord's Supper each week, which is a reminder of Christ's sacrifice for our sins. We invite all believers to be a part of this act of worship.

We want you to enjoy your time here at Old Ford, so don't be concerned about what you wear. You may see some dressed up, while others are in jeans. Our desire is to create an environment where people are comfortable and able to focus on God.  So come just as you are and we'll celebrate together what God is doing in our lives.

If you have any questions or would like some more info about our Worship Services please contact Thomas Hamilton.