Men's Fellowship

The Men's Fellowship started with the idea of helping our men to fulfill the mission of the Church, to Love God, Love One Another and Serve the world. The Men's fellowship focus on the last two. We meet every fourth Thursday Night in the Conference Room of the Family Life Center at 7pm. Most of the time we have a light refreshments, sometimes a full meal, with a time of fellowship. Then we spend the rest of the time sharing updates and new ways that we can Serve the world in our church, in our community and beyond. For more info on the Men's Fellowship contact Ed Bolen.

Here are some the areas of ministry that we are involved in and contact person for each one.

Service Opportunities

Kingdom Builders

Street ministry in the inner-city of Washington. They walk the streets to meet the residents and show God's love by offering help with their spiritual and physical needs, which includes praying with them and sharing the gospel through one-on-one contact and group Bible study.

Contact: Frank Sheldon

Courtside Ministries-

Offer prayer to people as they enter court. Share Bibles and biblical resources that relate to their situations. Refer individuals to human services organizations (homeless shelters, food backs, legal aid, counseling, local churches). conduit follow-up contacts needed or requested

Contact: Jeff Mault

Eastern NC Christian Men's Fellowship- 

A fellowship of men to establish and assist in the start of new churches in eastern NC, and to encourage and support established churches as needed.

Contact:  Thomas Hamilton

Hunters for the Hungry-

To fight against hunger and malnutrition by harvesting deer from our overabundant population and processing and distributing the meat to people in need.

Contact: Kevin Keyzer

Bright Futures (“friend” them on Facebook)

We are partners with Washington High School and the Early College High School to support students and teachers with school supplies, mentoring, emergency food and clothing needs and other resources needed to encourage the student’s success in school and in the community. 


Early College High School    Thomas Hamilton

Washington High School       Eddie Bowen

Angels N Camo

Provide hunting and fishing adventure trips to disabled children and children with a life threatening illness.

Contact: Ernie Coleman

Saturday Night Jamboree

We host a dinner/annual prom in May at the Redman’s Lodge for all mentally and physically challenged residents in the local area.

Contact: Curtis Rogers